Beauty Blog?

Since I can remember I have been a D-I-V-A! It is really a funny story I am this half and half trying to make it in the beauty world.

I love fashion. I love clothes and makeup, shoes and hair…but that is as far as it goes. I don’t really know how to contour my face and I am insanely to impatient to try and learn. I like heels, but I would rather just go barefoot. I can pick out an outfit for anyone for any occasion, but yet my best outfit I can pull together is jeans and a comfortable t-shirt. So how can I possibly write a blog on beauty?


Because I am a diva! I am kidding, only kidding. Think of this as a first impressions blog. Today’s product, Mary Kay’s ClearProof Charcoal Mask! It is every bit as awesome as it sounds!

When you get your charcoal mask, you will notice that it fits with the rest of the ClearProof line, except that the cap is a charcoal gray (ha ha get it), instead of its predictable black. I assume this slight difference is to quickly tell the face wash from the mask…just incase you don’t read labels like me.

The smell was unexpectedly pleasant. I think it has a fresh smell, almost like aloe. The mask, like most other masks, was cool to the touch. It glided onto my skin so nice and even,  as if my face craters and demons did not exist.

It dries like a typical mask in the fact that your face tightens and the mask appears a lighter color as it dries, but was unexpected in the way it dried… smooth. Some mud masks I have used dry hard and cakey, tempting you to pick the mask off your face. That was not the case with the charcoal mask. It dried like I imagine lotion sits on top of the skin.

When the mask had dried (which was about 30minutes for me), it was a breeze to literally wipe off. I could not believe how easy, smooth, and clean it was to get off. With my other masks I would have had the product speckled all over my face and bathroom,  basically needing sandpaper to get it off, so it was a nice surprise that a warm washcloth was all I needed to clean up.

Final thoughts: I really love this charcoal mask. My pores are clean and my face is, and has been, smooth from start to finish. I feel clean and clear. I highly recommend this mask to anyone who is looking for a something to add to their skin care routine!






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