Aging is A Privilege

Tonight during a Skype conversation with my parents, we were joking around about age. My sister came over the weekend and had a conversation with my mom that went a little something like…

(C) “I had to tell someone you were f-f-forty….”

(M) “you can say it Courtney. I’m forty five.”

(C) “I said I was twenty-six and you were forty-six, I said we were 10 years apart.”

While we were all laughing at the expense of my sister…yet again, I realized that forty-five/six really is not that old. Just this weekend a family friend turned fifty…FIFTY! He doesn’t act or look fifty.

I left my thought there and joined the conversation where now my mom was pointing at her mad 11 line…that she probably got when she was eleven! She was joking about how she needed Botox or filler or something. She then made the comment, all in good fun, about how she never felt forty-six, but she sure did look it… Then the realization that, aging isn’t something everyone gets to do, hit me like a train.

People die ever day, morbid I know, but it’s true. People young and old. Those worry lines you want to fill in…there is a child that is never going to know what is to worry about what college to go to, if they made the team, if they got the job. They will never get to worry about kids of their own and if thy are parenting right or wrong. And as much as we never want our kids to worry…it is a big, important part of life.

Those laugh lines that annoy you so much, are permanent reminders that life doesn’t always suck. That there were moments in time that you laughed until you cried…or if you are like me peed.

The eyesight you curse because it is detreating, reminding you that you are human, that nothing is permanent or guaranteed. Your body reminding you to see with all your senses. Appreciate the ability to see and the ability you had to see. Use it to see the good in others, because there are people in the world who were robbed of the gift of sight. Some were robbed of the gift of  life.

All those nips and tucks you think you need, is covering the proof that you lived and survived. That you cried and laughed. That you were happy and sad. That you loved and hated. You were full and alone. You were proud and disappointed. We as humans should want to wear our badges of aging proudly, because not everyone gets to age. We shouldn’t hide what others wish they could have….aging is a privilege.



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