Adventure Awaits

What a year it has been already. Today marks the end of a two year run with Koru Village and a new adventure begins with a local pharmacy.

If you have not read past blogs,I recently returned to CF Clinic after taking sometime to “find myself”. Clinic has been great so far, I am so pleased with how everything is going, and while I still face some hiccups now and again, the support I have surrounding me is unbelievable. At clinic I promised to give therapy a “real” try. I owed it to myself and my new team to try.

My job at Koru was awesome! I really, really needed and appreciate my time with my Krew mates . My job at Koru was year round, but half of my job was seasonal. During season (May-October) I was a Beach Klub attendant. It was my job to open the pool and bar, clean, restock, order, and serve behind the bar 5 days a week…that did not include night events and opening the spa. Summer is hot, hot, hot and it you know anything about Cystic Fibrosis, long hours and heat is not the best combination…even for the healthiest person.

At the end of my 2016 season I was sick, it has taken me up until the middle of January to feel like myself; so when I went back to clinic and promised to give my treatments a fair shot I decided that my long hours under the sun had to go. It is hard to give up something that I really did love, and it is hard not to get caught up in blaming CF for “taking” something away… yet again. However, positive thinking gets positive results, so I refuse to see CF taking anything away from me, only a guide as to how I get the most out of life!

That is all folks, I hope you have a great day!





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