H2O: What You Should Know

Everyone knows that the human body is two-thirds water, but do you know just what benefits your body actually gets from water?

Struggling to shred the pounds…are you drinking enough water? Water has zero calories, and cold water has negative calories…which means the energy that it takes to warm cold H2O is actually burning calories! Water also helps control fatigued muscles buy drying up dehydration. Water produces energy that carried oxygen to your muscles to improve endurance and performance.

Save your head the ache! H2O can prevent headaches or if you are trying to wrestle a migraine, water can help the severity. Water is great for your brain too! It helps prevent memory loss and can help lessen urges of addictive substances such as caffeine, alcohol, and drugs.

Aqua helps you feel and look your best. Did you know that water helps grow strong hair and nails? It also keeps your insides in working order. Digestion is important to the breaking down of food and making sure nutrients get absorbed and delivered to the right places in the body. Water helps with that process, it even helps reduce digestive problems like constipation.

Once the digestive system has done it’s job properly…the kidneys, with the help of water, will release and help dispose of toxins and waste! Time for the water to head to your joints where it will act a lubricant to improve movement and flexibility Finally we end with your eyes. You have heard carrots help your eyes…but so does water. Water not only moistens your eyes, but strengthens the skin under your eyes and reduces puffiness!

Drinking three liters a day for men, (about 12 cups), and approximately two liters a day, ( about 9 cups), for women will help keep your body in working order. We should care just as much about what goes in our bodies, as we put on them.


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