A Hairy Situation

Having Cystic Fibrosis there is not much in which I can control. My hair is one thing that most days I do have control over. I chose the length, the style, and the color; I can change it as often as I want. I have complete say over what I do with my hair, and to live a life that you can not always control, that is ability is power.

About  two months ago I decided it was time to change up my look. I had just finished one heck of a long summer season and my hair needed help. I made an appointment with my hair stylist and we agreed on a cut and to add a little color… Now my hair baby  fine and straight, but is super healthy because of the vitamins I take for CF. Normally I have anywhere between shoulder length hair to a bob depending on what I like, but since I started working at the Beach Klub, I tend to get my hair cut right before the season, let it grow out throughout the season, and chop it off after the season.

Despite having baby fine hair that is not meant to be long my hair was still very healthy. It was soft and silky and had this beautiful shine! I sat down in the chair and we went over the hair plan again to make sure we were both okay with what was about to happen. The plan was: shoulder length hair that had lots of fun layers and some blond highlights with just a few purple and teal strands towards the end… Right away she cuts my hair to my shoulder. I am no stylist, but I was freaking out, because I knew I would be leaving with hair shorter than I may have wanted. There was no going back now. Next she started putting highlights in everywhere and not how I wanted, but I knew my hairstylist knew what she was doing. Next came the color and I nearly cried when I saw he painting it in…and not tears of joy. The color that was supposed to be more underneath and towards the tips of my hair, were now front and center framing my face…I was horrified. When she was ready to cut my hair I could already see and feel the damage. My beautiful shiny, silky hair was crunchy and brittle, it was literally breaking off every time she touched my hair.

Now I know that color damages your hair, but mind you I have had my hair colored a few times and my hair never did this. Two months later the color is gone and I am stuck with dull lifeless hair. I’m hoping that with time my vitamins/ lifestyle habits will bring my hair back to life, but until then I am turning to my hair mask hero’s for some extra assistance. After one use of a coconut oil hair mask, my hair already has a noticeable difference, the color seems a little brighter and the touch is a little softer. The control I thought I had lost seems to be coming back and once again I feel a little more in control, but I did learn something through this whole experience…I give my hair a lot of power and honestly it is just hair. It will grow back and all will be well, but there are people in this world that have absolutely no control of what is happening in their life, including losing hair.


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