Ironic does not even begin to describe today….What was supposed to be family outing to the Grandy Farmers Market, in Grandy North Carolina, turned into a surprise auto shopping trip. Yep, I purchased a car today…which is what brings us to the ironic part.

I started this “quest” to test if work from home jobs truly make good money. When I decided to do this (yesterday), it was just to add a couple bucks to my pocket for extra spending/ saving, since my full time job was cut to less than 35 hours a week. Now I am living in survival mode. I don’t purchase outside my spending ability, but with cut hours, a new car and working to remodel my living space; on top of normal spending for bills and the cost of living with Cystic Fibrosis…my budget is stretched thin. Lucky for me I live at home so rent is flexible, (mostly buying groceries), and my parents bought my, new to me, Element out right so I am paying them back interest free, (I have $2,000 saved and am selling my car which will cover the full cost of my Element). Still my budget is maxing out, I now truly and fully determined to test all the options for work from home jobs.

My “research” so far has been with the most rated apps for “quick cash”.

1.)Ibotta- I LOVE this app! You do have the ability to earn quite a bit of money, it is on the rather slow side. In three shopping trips I earned the $20 it takes to move your earnings to your Pay Pal or Venmo account. If you link up with friends and family their earnings become your earnings and you can reach extra monthly bonuses.

2.) Shop Kick- Not my favorite money making app. Shop kick lets you pick out a prize and then you earn points by opening the app in certain stores or scanning products ect,ect until you reach the number of points that is required to earn your prize. Shop kick was hard to remember was there, and even when I did remember or followed one of the tasks it never seemed like I was getting any closer to my goal.

3.) Receipt Hog- I do like this app, this definitely not a “get rich quick app”, but I find it highly amusing. Receipt Hog is an app that lets you take pictures of any receipts, (they don’t have to be yours), in exchange for coins, slots, and entries. Coins are collected to reach a monitory value it takes 500,000 coins to reach $5. Slots are tickets to the slot game where you can test your luck for coins or more slot turns. Unless you have a TON of receipts this app won’t get you rich quick.

Come back tomorrow for more reviews!









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